Stolperstein ceremony 2018

This year, the Stolpersteine for Therese and Abraham Cohn was layed on 24, Alleestr. and, additionally those for Else and Siegbert Maier on 10, Am Thermalbad. The ceremony started on Wednesday, May 16th, 9.30 o’clock at Allesstr.24.

A translation of the event will be available here soon.

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  1. I am delighted that these four persons have been remembered with Stolpersteine.
    They are in fact the descendants of my great uncle Emil Scheuer who was the brother of Rosa Scheuer – my grandmother who in turn was married to Marcus Grünebaum.
    I was responsible for placing two Stolpersteine in August 2011 in their memory in front of Villa Aurora which was built by my great grandfather Julius Scheuer in 1905.
    These two stolpersteine have now been moving next to the recently placed ones.
    Regretfully I was unable to participate in the ceremony on 16 May.
    Greetings and thanks to all concerned…..Paul Florsheim

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