STOLPERSTEINs are funded by private sponsoships. A sponsorship is intrinsically tied to the  amount of EUR 120 for a stone. By this contribution the production and laying of the STOLPERSTEINs are covered. Sponsorships can be taken by citizens, schools and unions. Sponsors who are not members of the work group receive a document which states the address and the name of the person to whom the commemoration is held.

Whoever want to take a sponsorship for a STOLPERSTEIN should send an email to infostolpersteine.in-bad-soden.de.

For the STOLPERSTEINs which have been already laid the following persons and schools have taken a sponsorship:

# laid at
Address for Sponsor
1. 30.8.2011 Alleestraße 24 Markus Grünebaum Paul Florsheim
2. 30.8.2011 Alleestraße 24 Rosa Grünebaum Paul Florsheim
3. 30.5.2014 Hasselstraße 20 Berhard Freymann Dick Beyer
4. 30.5.2014 Zum Quellenpark 6 Dr. Max Isserlin Heinrich-von-Kleist-Schule, Eschborn
5. 30.5.2014 Zum Quellenpark 6 Regina Isserlin Waltraud Krebsbach-Hess
6. 30.5.2014 Zum Quellenpark 6 Bruno Isserlin Ingo Heise
7. 30.5.2014 Zum Quellenpark 6 Ruth Isserlin Harald Fischer
8. 30.5.2014 Zum Quellenpark 6 Mina Grünebaum Mendelsson-Bartholdy-Schule, Sulzbach
9. 06.7.2016 Neugasse 3 Hannelore Strauss Dietmut Thilenius
10. 06.7.2016 Neugasse 3 Wilhelm Strauss Ora Goldschmidt, Tali Goldman, Gideon Baum
11. 06.7.2016 Neugasse 3 Olivia Strauss Barbara Bermbach
12. 06.7.2016 Neugasse 3 Karoline Strauss Aytül Otters
13. 06.7.2016 Neugasse 3 Moritz Strauss Lissy & Sven Hammerbeck